HeadshotAndy Z -
Ooga Booga

©2011 Andreas G Zamenes (BMI)

Andy Z - Summer In Andyland - The Andyland Amusement Park

It was really late one stormy night
I was on the couch with my flashlight

You see the power was out
So I had no choice
Then all of the sudden, I heard a voice

Boogaboo: ooga booga
Kids: ooga booga?
Andy: ooga booga

So I went down the hallway
I was kinda scared
Then I heard the same voice
From the top of the stairs sayin'

Boogaboo: ooga booga
Kids: ooga booga?
Andy: ooga booga

Well who was that, I had to know
So I climbed up the stairs
Both quite and slow

But when I reached the second floor
I heard much louder than before

Boogaboo: Ooga Booga!
Kids: ooga booga
Andy: ooga booga

By now I was getting really worried
With my palms all sweaty
And my heartbeat hurried

I opened up my bedroom door
And then that voice became a roar!

Boogaboo: Ooga Booga!
Kids: Ooga Booga?
Andy: Ooga Booga!

So I crept inside and I looked around
And not a creature could be found

But when I turned around to leave
There was a big hairy monster
Right in front of me sayin'

Boogaboo: OOGA BOOGA!

So I let out a scream, and he did too
And we both ran back into my room

He hid in the closet, and I in the bed
I peeked from the covers
And then he said...


I couldn't believe
That he was just as scared as me

So I said to him "Hey, it's ok"
"I'm sorry that I screamed that way"

"You just startled me is all"
Then he came outside
And he waved his paw sayin'

Boogaboo: Ooga Booga?
Kids: Ooga Booga!
Andy: Ooga Booga!

Well I don't speak monster
But now I know
He was just trying to say "Hello"

I guess next time, I'll do the same
I'll shake his paw, and then I'll say