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My kids LOVE this guy! They will come running when his music comes on and say "andy z!" they dont do that for any of the other dozens of kids artists we own and play. I also have to say, as an adult... I even like the music! All of his CDs are fun, funny, very original, and catchy. I catch myself humming his stuff in my head. I highly recommend all three of his CDs. Worth every penny.
Wendy, CD Baby.com customer

IPMA Reviewer Feedback:
The different types of music were interesting for both me as a parent  and for my children as well. The silly voices and songs made it fun for the kids.

The children really enjoyed the upbeat tempo- it caught their attention immediately and they began dancing around. The babies bopped to the music. It’s a fun product!

One of the many things I love about you, Andy, is that you are absolutely shameless as a vocal performer.  That is a compliment, especially in kids' music. You go over the top in goofy ways that no self worshipping and pretentious rock/pop singer would. And that is one of the reasons you are a perfect fit for this calling. Kids like fearless and funny.
Cory Cullinan a.k.a. Dr. Noize
XM Kids featured Children’s Recording Artist 

With sincerity and cheer, singer Andy Z narrates and plays tour guide through a tuneful let's-pretend world, where he's "buds" with dinosaurs, pirates and squirrels, a leprechaun makes an appearance and his 18-month-old nephew runs the island fire station. The tour winds up with a rock 'n roll, Mister Rogers-style "I Love You Because You're You" message and a  "surprise" track with a winter holiday theme that serves as the CD's encore number.
Lynne Heffley ©2004 Parents' Choice

The music & songs are wonderful...the twins know all the words & sing along with them…How wonderful that you work with children & bring wonderful songs & music into their lives... The only thing is that I find myself singing the songs all the time!!!

Pat Mastronicola, grandmother

My husband and I secretly rock out to the CD when our son is sleeping  (shh don't tell him)!
Mike, Abby & Lance Trainor
Foster City, CA

My class of three and four year olds absolutely love it!  When I play it, they put on these silly dress up clothes and jump around the stereo. (And it's much easier on my ears than the Wiggles cd they used to request.)
Anna Lisa Fahrenthold, teacher
Austin, TX

This is Christian. We just LOVE your CD!!  The second one you made in your entire lifetime. .I just love it, love it, love it!... I think that the leprochaun was so funny! I like the leprochaun song, the pirate song, each one. I love when you talk and when the other guys talk on the songs.
Christian (5 years old)

We adore the Andyland CD so much. It is so great, I think it deserves a Grammy!
Eva Canellos, Christian’s Mom
San Mateo, CA

IPMA Reviewer Feedback:
We enjoyed listening to the entire cd. This is perfect for the car. It is fun and great for all ages. The singer got into the music and changed the style throughout the entire CD. This is worth purchasing

This CD was a lot of fun to listen to, and we sometimes couldn’t get a song out of our heads- like the sticky bubble gum song! The music and lyrics were well thought out and introduced to the listeners.
My daughter was captivated by this CD the moment we started listening to it. The narrative along with
the songs was a wonderful way to incorporate story along with the music. I was surprised to hear my daughter giggling and clapping along in the backseat of our car upon the very first hearing. When my husband laughed out loud several times during the CD and smiled and declared it “very clever”, I knew I had a CD we could all listen to and enjoy.

Return To Andyland is awesome!  My kids love it!!!
Well Andy Z has done it again, he's made another incredible CD.  My kids were already the biggest fans of Andy's music and this CD has made them even bigger fans.  There are a few things that separates Andy's music from other childrens CD's. The first thing is that the kids love the original, cleverly written and creative songs that get them up and moving and dancing and singing along with the music.

Another thing that the kids really love is taking the imaginary journey to Andyland, because this keeps them engaged in the CD and also stimulates their imaginations. And lastly, the quality of the recordings is superb, and the CD is produced so beautifully with all the added sound effects and little touches that makes this professionally produced CD a great value. This CD is sure to win more awards. Great job Andy!!!

Nick Fiorentinos
Five star review from CD Baby.com