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As a children’s music artist, my goal is to ENRICH, EDUCATE and EXCITE the children for whom I perform.

HeadshotENRICH children’s lives by putting them at the center of every musical adventure and performance - to encourage them to talk about the places they travel and characters they meet on their tour of “Andyland”, to share what they know.  By acknowledging their input, I strive to have a positive impact on self-esteem – key to healthy mental and emotional development.  I invite kids, at live performances and by listening to my CDs, to use visualization and imagination – and to get up and move!

EDUCATE children through music – not a new concept, but very effective.  I write on a variety of subjects – animals, insects, the solar system, coping with loss, ecology, the physical world, acceptance and diversity - in a variety of musical genres.  Without “writing down” to children or simplifying these themes simply because children are my target audience, I am able to expand a child’s horizons.  The truth of the matter is that children have the capacity to take in, process and learn from and about a variety of musical styles – better, in fact, than some adults, simply because they have open and inquisitive minds.

EXCITE my audience by making them a part of the process; making them laugh, showing them a dance and encouraging them to dance along; teaching them a finger play - to get them excited about who they are and the possibilities before them.  It is so important, during these youthful years, to let children know they matter and have a unique gift to give the world.  By exciting them to take part in the adventure, they are each able to express a bit of that uniqueness.