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Ready to Sing with Andy Z: Scarecrow for iPad By Think Active! LLC

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It's another magnificent morning in Andyland, and the farmer ventures out to tend to his cornfield. It's there that finds something out of place, namely Patch, the scarecrow. "Scarecrow, where do you go?", he thinks with his hand to his chin. "And why do you wear that mischievous grin?" Well only Patch knows, and he'll show the kids, it's the stroke of midnight when the real fun begins!

The first in ThinkActive's "Ready To" series, "ReadyTo Sing: Scarecrow" brings to life on the iPad the classic book "Scarecrow, Where Do You Go?" based on the song "Scarecrow" by iParenting Media Award winning children's singer/songwriter Andy Z and masterfully illustrated by Woody Miller.

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The song is magical, the story thoughtful, and the character animations vibrant: making this app the perfect addition to any family's collection. Whether on Halloween, or the months in between, "Learn To Sing: Scarecrow" is always in season!

Kids love to sing along in "Sing to Me" mode, or you can read at your own pace. Touch the screen and watch the characters come alive.

Ideal for Ages 2 to 8.