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Return To Andyland

• Winner: Disney’s i Parenting Media Award with HOT distinction

The 2nd musical tour of Andyland begins in the Andy Z Imaginary Airport (AZIA) and features a stay at the Andyland Farm with "Mr Cricket" and camping in the Andyland Forest with "Ranger Dude"!

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CD Reviews
1. Hi How Ya Doin' IPMA Reviewer Feedback:
We enjoyed listening to the entire CD This is perfect for the car. It is fun and great for all ages. The singer got into the music and changed the style throughout the entire CD. This is worth purchasing

This CD was a lot of fun to listen to, and we sometimes couldn’t get a song out of our heads- like the sticky bubble gum song! The music and lyrics were well thought out and introduced to the listeners.
My daughter was captivated by this CD the moment we started listening to it. The narrative along with the songs was a wonderful way to incorporate story along with the music. I was surprised to hear my daughter giggling and clapping along in the backseat of our car upon the very first hearing. When my husband laughed out loud several times during the CD and smiled and declared it “very clever”, I knew I had a CD we could all listen to and enjoy.

Return To Andyland is awesome!  My kids love it!!!
Well Andy Z has done it again, he's made another incredible CD.  My kids were already the biggest fans of Andy's music and this CD has made them even bigger fans.  There are a few things that separates Andy's music from other childrens CD's. The first thing is that the kids love the original, cleverly written and creative songs that get them up and moving and dancing and singing along with the music.

Another thing that the kids really love is taking the imaginary journey to Andyland, because this keeps them engaged in the CD and also stimulates their imaginations. And lastly, the quality of the recordings is superb, and the CD is produced so beautifully with all the added sound effects and little touches that makes this professionally produced CD a great value. This CD is sure to win more awards. Great job Andy!!!

Nick Fiorentinos
Five star review from CD Baby.com

2. Introduction
3. Here To There
4. AZIA (Andy Z Imaginary Airport)
5. Sticky Bubble Gum
6. The Big Box
7. Shoes
8. The Field
9. Scarecrow
10. The Andyland Farm
11. Mr. Cricket In The Thicket
12. Rain!
13. Puddle Stomp
14. Listen...
15. Water Song
16. Waitin' For Dude
17. Three Little Birds
18. Ranger Dude
19. Camping Song
20. Sweeeeet
21. Galaxy Song
22. Catchin' Some Z's
23. Paulina Sees Angels
24. Butterfly

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