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Summer in Andyland

• Winner: Disney’s i Parenting Media Award with HOT distinction
• Parents Choice Foundation Approved
The 3rd CD in the Andyland series features boogie boarding at the beach, a “hip” hop to the train station with Rasta Froggy, a “Little Timmy Train” ride to the 4th of July Parade, rides & attractions at the Andyland Amusement Park …and of course, fireworks!

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CD Reviews
1. Boogie Board Boogie 15. "Down By The Bay" Aquarium IPMA Reviewer Feedback:
The different types of music were interesting for both me as a parent  and for my children as well. The silly voices and songs made it fun for the kids

The children really enjoyed the upbeat tempo- it caught their attention immediately and they began dancing around. The babies bopped to the music. It’s a fun product!

One of the many things I love about you, Andy, is that you are absolutely shameless as a vocal performer. That is a compliment, especially in kids' music. You go over the top in goofy ways that no self worshipping and pretentious rock/pop singer would. And that is one of the reasons you are a perfect fit for this calling. Kids like fearless and funny.
Cory Cullinan a.k.a. Dr. Noize
XM Kids featured Children’s Recording Artist 

2. "Summer is SO COOL!"
16. Slippery Fish (The Rehearsal)
3. Down By De Station
17. The Needfer Speedway
4. Little Timmy Train
18. Race Car Drivin'
5. The Parade
19. Space Cramp
6. Cecil (The Serpentine Dragon)
20. Planet Potty
7. "That was one hot number!" 21. Your Mission
8. Yankee Doodle Andy
22. Rocket Trippin'
9. The Grand Opening
23. Closing Time
10. The Andyland Amusement Park
24. Red Balloon
11. Roll Roll Clickety Clack
25. Twinkle Twinkle Little "Pow!"
12. The Picnic Basket
26. The Key
13. Barber Ant 27. Lullabye
14. At The Shop 28. Slippery Fish (The Remix)

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